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US gasoline prices hit all-time high

US gasoline prices set a new all-time high on Tuesday, with the national average price for regular unleaded gas rising to $5.016 per gallon, data from the American Automobile Association (AAA), which tracks prices at more than 60,000 gas stations across the country, shows. The highest prices have traditionally been …

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Gasoline prices in Netherlands hit all-time high

Prices at the pump in the Netherlands have soared to record highs, driven by the growing cost of oil, according to data by Dutch consumer group UnitedConsumers. The retail price for a liter of gasoline is currently at €2.50, data showed. It was reaching €2.505 per liter at the pump. …

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UK gasoline prices soaring

The price of fuel in Britain is continuing to rise as filling an average family car with petrol now costs over £100 ($125), according to data tracked by the roadside assistance company RAC. The motoring group reported that filling the tank of a 55-liter family car with diesel has surged …

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US gasoline prices double under Biden

US gasoline prices have once again refreshed all-time highs, reaching $4.81 per gallon on Saturday morning. According to data from the non-profit American Automobile Association (AAA), which tracks prices at more than 60,000 gas stations across the country, prices have now doubled since US President Joe Biden was inaugurated. At …

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Gasoline prices soaring in Spain

Gasoline prices in Spain reached new highs this week, offsetting government attempts to compensate drivers, the newspaper La Vanguarda reported on Thursday. Premium 95-octane unleaded petrol (Eurosuper 95) now costs €1.968 per liter on average in Spain, which represents a weekly increase of 1.44%, the publication reported, citing this week’s …

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UK gasoline, diesel prices hit new highs

The costs of gasoline and diesel in the UK reached new highs on Friday, exceeding the previous records set earlier this week, data from the British Motorists Association RAC shows. The cost of a liter of unleaded gasoline jumped to £1.71 (about $2.16), up 31 pence, while the cost of …

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US gasoline prices smash all-time high

The cost of gasoline at petrol stations across the United States hit a new all-time record on Friday, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). The average retail cost of a gallon of gas (3.785 liters) jumped to $4.432, the AAA, which tracks prices at more than 60,000 gas stations …

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Iran and Venezuela swap jet fuel & gasoline cargoes

Venezuela is shipping jet fuel to Iran in the same tankers in which Iran delivers gasoline and spare parts for the refineries in Venezuela, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter and documents of Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA it had seen. Venezuela, which has an excess …

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