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Soviet gadgets ahead of their time. Photo

Interesting instances of Soviet electronics. Today there is a perception that there is no prophet in his own country, and all the modern electronic devices were invented somewhere in the West. But in fact the USSR had a lot of interesting developments gadgets. Some of them became the life of …

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These gadgets come in handy in each car. Photo

Useful avtogazeta needed for comfort. Modern man tends to comfort always and everywhere. So why should you give up comfort during car trips? Moreover, today there are many different gadgets that will help to provide. About them will be discussed in this review. 1. Set HIGI POWER The producers of …

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Unusual “gadgets” of Soviet production. Photo

The existence of many of the devices you were not even aware. Prototypes, export options, limited edition, or just a rare model of technology and electronics, which was “don’t get it”. Rare equipment — a Soviet laptop, wrist watch with FM radio, USB flash drive 1983, the first Soviet mobile …

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Gadgets that prove the future is now. Photo

A selection of new devices. The new survey was collected an incredible device that can and should be used every day. Each of them is useful in everyday life. Look, remember, and if necessary adopting. 1. Portable air conditioner Compact, quiet and powerful window air conditioner that can be moved …

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Sale gadgets for mobile gamers

Spring is just around the corner soon will want to walk instead of sit at home, and it will affect even gamers. They will also be able to experience the charm of staying in the fresh air and it will not leave my toys at home thanks to the online …

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