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Safe New year: things not to forget

New year’s eve to be ready for injuries, burns, cuts and other health problems. New year’s eve all look forward to and hope for a miracle, but sometimes it is marred by various injuries. Every year in emergency rooms for the New year come hundreds of people. They diagnosed burns …

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Myths about water that it’s time to forget

Why you can not drink too much water during the disease and how silver affects its properties. Myth #1: you need to Drink 2 litres of water a dayA few years ago, the daily rate of water was calculated by the formula: 30-40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. …

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These effective tips will help you to forget about the sweet

Sugar is addictive, like a narcotic. Sugar is one of the global problems of modernity. We too love sweets, so easy to give them up. As a result, the excess sugar leads to serious health problems and malfunction of certain organs. Obesity, diabetes, low immunity, fatigue, chronic fatigue, hormonal disruption …

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Five healthy habits, which are better to forget

Turns out, they only hurt. If your conscience is bothering you because of the morning mess in the bedroom or irregular teeth brushing, read what experts think about it and be calm. Anews has collected examples of “good living habits”, which actually should be abandoned or it is necessary to …

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We must not forget about “Atlantis”

This is a film that will not let us forget, at least in the near future. “Atlantis” (Cold Skin) acquired two Russian TV spots. After a long voyage of the young meteorologist Friend arrives at the lost island in the ocean to take a year-long watch on the weather station. …

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