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Dozens dead in US flood

Devastating rains that swept through the heart of the US Appalachian region have caused record flooding in eastern Kentucky, killing at least 25 people and leaving many more potential victims missing. The death toll has risen repeatedly since Kentuckians woke up to catastrophic flooding in the early morning hours of …

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Tens of thousands flood Vienna streets to commemorate Covid victims

Organized under the motto #YesWeCare, the gathering began on Sunday evening in central Vienna, with people lighting thousands of candles, shining lanterns and using cell phone flashlights to commemorate more than 13,000 people who have died of Covid in Austria since the start of the pandemic. The ten-minute flash-mob was …

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Thousands flood streets to decry vaccine mandate (VIDEOS)

New rallies all across the country happened on Saturday, as people demonstrated for more freedom in relation to coronavirus vaccination. Organized by the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination group, massive protests swept central Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth, along with 30 other cities and towns in Australia.  Claiming that vaccine mandates …

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Canadian city EVACUATED after flood-induced sewage failure

With floodwaters engulfing two of the city’s bridges across the Coldwater River and preventing access to a third, the city of Merritt announced on Monday that all residents must leave their homes for an indefinite period of time. Some 7,000 residents were notified that the city’s wastewater treatment plant had …

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Thousands flood Swiss capital to decry Covid certificates (VIDEOS)

Massive crowds of people flooded Bern, the capital of Switzerland, this Saturday, expressing anger over the Covid-19 measures adopted by the government. Since September 13, Covid certificates showing that a person is vaccinated, has recovered from Covid, or has a negative PCR test, are required to enter public places across …

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WATCH massive crowds flood Khartoum streets as rival demonstrations are held in Sudanese capital over transitional govt

Supporters of Sudan’s transitional government held a massive march on Thursday, as rival pro-military protesters staged their own rally outside the presidential palace in the capital. The demonstrations were organized by opposing factions from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition, which had previously led mass protests against longtime …

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