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In St. Petersburg a magnetic fishermen

On the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg residents often meet magnetic fishermen. Instead of hook for the bait — search double-sided magnets with a power clutch of 100-200 kg. of Pictures “catch” the St. Petersburg publish in social networks. Among the finds — coins, spinners, shovels, chairs, and even …

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Fishermen caught in the river 181-pound shark. Video

The fishermen saw one of the most dangerous sharks in the river and decided that they certainly need to catch her. In the US, the fishermen took video of the fight with the threat 181-pound shark. It is reported online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent. Americans …

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Fishermen caught a creature “from another planet”

The fishermen have never seen anything like it in all my years Fishermen sometimes catch fairly strange creatures from the depths of the oceans: fish that have legs, creatures that glow in the dark, but this finding may lead the list. These experienced fishermen have never seen anything like it …

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Kiev promises to turn into a Paradise for fishermen

What will change in the city. By the end of summer the authorities making plans for the summer. A year later, as planned, will operate in the so-called butchering on Trukhanov island will appear, Velka and equipped places for fishing, and in the center will begin to build the cable …

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