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Extinguish fires stars of show business

A large part of the negative reaction of users of social networks on the fires associated with the current extent of the fire. Many users in their reports, the statistics of the Greеnpeace: “last year Russia lost in the fire record of forests for ten years, from 1.7 million hectares …

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Measurable and the immeasurable cost of fighting fires

That’s the phrase, about what to put out forest fires will not be because the cost of fighting is higher than the economic damage from the fire, it is very important (not in the specifically political sense is much broader). The last two or three generations laid the economy Foundation …

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Lapland threatened by a raging Russian fires

Forest fires raging in Russia near the border with Finladia, spread to the Finnish territory. According to Yle, a forest burns near the village of Inari, seven kilometers from the border crossing of Raja-Jooseppi. Rescue and border guard joint forces trying to extinguish the fire. In addition to the units …

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How are fires in the United States from space

NASA showed large-scale fires in the United States from space. In the United States in California do not cease large-scale forest fires, which are visible even from space. California introduced a state of emergency due to severe forest fires. The fire destroyed more than 150 houses, about 38 thousand residents …

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In California because of fires 200 thousand people left their homes

Fires eliminate 8.7 thousand rescuers. In California because of the fires evacuated 212 thousand people confirmed the woman’s death in an accident during the evacuation. According to the Agency, has burned 57 thousand hectares in extinguishing the fire involved 8.7 million. “70-year-old woman died in a car accident Wednesday because …

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