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Shocking finds in abandoned houses. Video

What are the new owners in attics and basements. People move for different reasons. They leave their houses at home, forgetting to pick up all your things, or intentionally leaving some of them, not wanting to take them to a new life. The new owners and stalkers making their way …

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Amazing finds: what hid under the Earth. Video

What is hidden under the ground – the unique artifacts found by archaeologists. The earth is eternal. Human civilizations come and go. They disappear instantly or gradually, hiding his mark from us under the cover of the land. Sometimes archeologists are able to detect very interesting artifacts revealing the world …

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Ukrainian border guards discovered the unusual finds

Employees of the border were able to determine that the car is doing on the territory of Ukraine. Stolen in the UK, the car was handed to the police On the border with Romania, Ukrainian border guards discovered a foreign car, which was stolen in the UK. This was reported …

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The most amazing archaeological finds. Photo

They cause a lot of questions. These spheres found in South Africa, date back about 3 billion years ago into the past, to a time when the Earth barely cooled off enough to become a rocky planet. It is unlikely that the nature was able to create such smooth lines …

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The most mysterious archaeological finds. Photo

Here are some of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries in human history. Archaeological discoveries always remind about the creative mind of our ancestors. This is a great chance to travel back in time and learn more about the centuries-old history. In this tape compiled 10 of the most mysterious archaeological …

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