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In the Donbass liquidated famous fighter

Action listed as a “Peacemaker”. May 7 Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass liquidated militants of illegal armed groups Alexander Sychev named “Rocker”. “Sychev Alexander “Rocker” (yenakiieve, 12/11/91, …) died 07/05/19 in the district of Gorlovka”, – stated in the message. It is known that the action listed as “Peacemaker”. …

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In the Donbass killed the fighter APU

Midnight in the area of the OOS in the Donbass were two sighting of enemy fire. The separatists since the beginning of the day, July 17, double-shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed forces on Donbass. Due to the fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier. This was reported on the website of the …

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“Tactical stud”: Network, laugh female fighter in heels

Oh, this fashion. There were photos of the strange fashion in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. The corresponding photo published in Twitter-account Zalyshenets donatski. “Warrior in heels. Caution! On the street “Alacant”. #Donetsk”, – stated in the caption to the photo. In the pictures you can see the girl in the …

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The fighter-bum Born For This (TEASER)

A week ago, we told you everything we know about the project called Born For This… And know we must confess, not much. It is clear that the story is almost biographical story of a man named Vyacheslav yurovskikh, aka Ali Baba, aka ronin, aka the wanderer – living legend …

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Rastopsha of the heart: Ukrainian fighter showed his treasure

Network users moved to tears photo with Ukrainian military in the Donbass, who holding a little child. The picture on his page in Facebook posted by Petro Poroshenko. “This soldier Nikolai Pilkevich of the 30-th separate Novograd-Volyn, Rivne mechanized brigade. When holding hands such a treasure, realize that struggling Ukraine, …

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