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“Cosmetic fasting”: what is it and what can be helpful

Miranda Kerr I think we only managed to get used to multistage treatment (Covenant Korean and Japanese experts), as in the world of beauty has a diametrically opposed tendency — skin fasting (“hunger cosmetic”). It involves a complete rejection of serums, creams, lotions, oils and masks. SPLETNIK.RU together with experts …

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Found painless fasting

To suppress the neurons responsible for the feeling of hunger enough throughout the day snacking on small portions of food. So will safely reduce the amount of food consumed, and scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Biologists decided to conduct a series of experiments on laboratory mice. They found that …

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Named two good option fasting days

Nutritionists helped select the best products for the handling of the day. Fasting days are every day becoming more and more popular rapid method for getting rid of two or three extra pounds. That is, this option diet as a fasting day, suitable for those who want to get rid …

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Nutritionists outlined the main rules of fasting days

Experts on nutrition and weight loss shared advice on fasting days. Many people use fasting days in order to maintain your normal weight and to promptly cleanse the body of harmful accumulations. Also, fasting days are in demand among people suffering from obesity or having weight. In any case, why …

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Autumn diet: the five best options of fasting days

Nutritionists are suggested, which fall foods can serve as the basis for handling the day. Options for handling days, there is a huge number. A person can choose any product in order to eat them during the day and clear your body of accumulated pounds that increase the waist size. …

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Doctors told about the unexpected benefits of fasting

Fasting has a positive impact on the health of the hairBrazilian experts from the Institute of chemistry of the University of são Paulo found that abstaining from food causes intensive hair growth. This discovery was made during experiments with rodents. The researchers monitored two groups of mice. The first group …

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