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US government considers at least some UFOs to be ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL’ & ‘EXTRADIMENSIONAL’, ex-intel official says

US officials have collected data on some “extraordinary” UFOs, Luis Elizondo, former director of the military’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a task force investigating these phenomena, told Washington Examiner. It is “nothing more than an infinitesimally small possibility” that such objects could have been creations of some engineers …

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Scientists have discovered 15 new extraterrestrial signals

Today, the nature of fast radio pulses is unknown. Scientists project Breakthrough Listen dedicated to the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, found 15 new fast radio pulses. It is reported by the University of California at Berkeley (USA). Outbreaks originating from a source FRB 121102 was observed with a radio …

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The ISS can be traces of extraterrestrial life

These data were obtained in the course of the years of the space experiment “Test”. Experts have found that the surface of the International space station (ISS) can be a temporary guardian of the biomaterial of extraterrestrial origin. These data were obtained in the course of the years of the …

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The first results of the search for extraterrestrial life

It is unlikely that any of the 11 most unusual detected signals belonged to an alien civilization, although this is not excluded. The team of the international project Breakthrough Listen reviewed several petabytes of data, among which detected 11 events that are likely to be a manifestation of the activities …

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