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Spectacular footage exciting nightlife. Photo

Visual metaphors can tell us a lot. Belgian photographer Jan Pypers presented his new series of photographs entitled “Nightgardeners” (“the Night gardener”). In his staged photographs depicted people who despise the day and prefer to go about their usual business at night. In his works, the photographer creates a visual …

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Appeared exciting trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2

In the movie involved real actors. In the network appeared the entertaining trailer of the blockbuster Star Wars: Battlefront 2 with the participation of these actors. The video was made public on the YouTube channel GameSpot. The plot of the video is devoted to the confrontation of two characters – …

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16 evidence that taxi drivers exciting profession

Not get bored with them. Taxi ride — a usual thing for citizens. But sometimes it turns into a particularly exciting event, it is only necessary for the driver to exercise a little more care about passengers or creativity. We found the taxi drivers trip which will be remembered by …

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For someone this Halloween wasn’t too exciting (VIDEO)

The month of November, Halloween has passed, but the Network still pop up dedicated to the dark holiday of the year. For example, here is the short film – hilarious 3-minute film called “Carving a Pumpkin” (“Cutting the pumpkin”). Video shot in the newfangled format POV in the first person, …

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Exciting and unusual waterfalls in the world. Photo

The waterfalls definitely belong to the category of natural wonders that impress and inspire fear. View of falls from high cliffs with the roar of water – a delightful and magnificent sight. That is why the waterfalls fascinate people with its beauty and remains one of the most visited tourist …

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Fabulous Prague: an exciting journey. Photo

Prague is an ancient city, where everyone can easily find their favourite corner, where he will be warm and interesting. How long have you had the feeling a miracle? In adult life we do not allow our dreams to rise above reality, and very rarely feel true joy. One advantage …

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