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The West criticizing the Taliban for a ‘lack of diversity’ is exactly why it failed miserably in Afghanistan

The US’ unceremonious retreat from Afghanistan after two decades and the lightning-fast reconquest of the Taliban will be regarded as an epoch-defining event. Aside from demonstrating the uselessness of the world’s greatest military and most credentialled commanders against God-fearing goat herders, it’s a complete repudiation of the idea that a …

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Pro-western liberal, anti-migrant nationalist, or political opportunist: Who exactly is Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny?

Media portrayals of the Moscow street-protest leader have ranged from comparing him to a western-style liberal, to a far-right radical racist to a persecuted freedom fighter. While many Russians from all points along the political spectrum support his investigations into corruption at the highest levels of government, there is little …

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In Exactly a mother stabbed her own daughter. Video

Girl Diana was only one month. The woman killed her daughter March 17 at Exactly. 21-year-old would-be mother struck the child a blow with a knife in the neck, causing the baby died. As reported in the Department of communication of the police of Rivne region, about the terrible incident, …

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What exactly was reshot in “Predator”?

Back in February we learned that the “Predator” with Shane black took the reshoot. In the end, was almost completely redone ending, however, about the specific changes to this point were not reported. And here is the resource AvPGalaxy shares. exclusive. Remember, last year we curiously watched as the Raptors …

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