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Google to ‘inoculate’ Eastern Europeans against disinformation

A new campaign by Google’s behavioral tech incubator Jigsaw aims to “pre-bunk” harmful claims about Ukrainian refugees, targeting audiences in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic with video clips designed to educate them about the types of psychological manipulation the spreaders of disinformation might deploy against them. Taking its cue …

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US wants Europeans to join standoff against China

European nations need to join forces with the US to help it face the growing challenge to the existing world order posed by China, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told journalists via a video link on Thursday. Countering Beijing’s influence is important for preserving, what she called, the …

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Europeans warned of ‘permanently high’ energy costs

A EU commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, told Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper on Wednesday that European consumers will have to put up with permanent price increases for energy as the continent wants to become independent from Russian imports. “A significant part of European industry relies on ultra-cheap energy from Russia, super-cheap Chinese labor …

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EU border crisis fueled by Europeans demonizing migrants – UN

Speaking to French news channel La Chaine Info, Filippo Grandi condemned what he called a “manipulation” orchestrated by the authorities in Belarus, while also blaming the EU and its treatment of migrants in recent times. “Any manipulation of people in distress, even by exploiting their wishes, their desires for a …

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