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There is no escape, yet this society continues to exist

We have the power less disgusting than society. Power, sooner or later, reveals its own deformity. Power, in any case, not forever, as history shows. And the company insists on its cultural exceptionalism, but it creates such monsters, against which monsters Goya seem to be angels. Here no one is …

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Western industry is starting to escape from China

True tectonic shifts taking place in the global industry due to the coronavirus. The pandemic has spurred major Western corporations to abandon the policy which they have followed for the last few decades – placing production in China. That was the reason, in addition to coronavirus, and where it will …

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The physician was fired for the escape of the suspected coronavirus

The chief doctor of the Botkin hospital fired after the escape of the suspected coronavirus. The Chairman of the health Committee of St. Petersburg Dmitry Lisovets has dismissed the chief physician of the city clinical hospital named. Botkin, Alexei Yakovlev, announced the publication of “Dr. Peter”. Previously escaped from the …

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Need to escape to Russia

Why Polish Belarusians rejoiced in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and wanted to return to the USSR In the environment of Belarusian nationalists made negative comments about the Soviet period in the history of the country. They warmly remember the time between the revolution and the Second world war, when Poland was …

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Escape from Odessa colony: prisoners broke the wall

The sentence the fugitives expired in 20 years. Three prisoners who escaped from a southern penal colony №51 in Odessa, escaped to freedom through baseblack, breaking through the wall. This was stated by the head of the colony Tahir Ahmadov. According to him, the men pushed aside the guard and …

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