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Australian war crimes report alleges elite troops executed 39 Afghan civilians including to achieve ‘first kill’

General Angus Campbell, Chief of the Australian Defence Force, announced the findings of the 465-page ‘Brereton report’ on Thursday, saying “credible information” indicates that 39 Afghan civilians were killed unlawfully by elite special forces troops between 2007 and 2014 in 23 separate incidents. “To the people of Afghanistan on behalf …

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The new media elite will stop at nothing to protect their profits. They’re rapacious monopolists, and we are their food

In recent weeks, there has been heightened media concern that Facebook is cultivating a close relationship between government and big tech monopolies by poaching and recruiting former senior policy officials. The findings reveal a systematic hiring of government insiders with knowledge of regulation by offering them huge incentives to join. …

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What are you afraid of Putin and his elite.

That’s no debate, doubts were few. For the same reason, which was not a debate between Casamari and Sable, between Zolotov and Bulk. Because Russia is not opposition politicians and opposition politician. One of them is vertical, writ, politics bosses and corridors, and the other horizontal policy debates, collective action, …

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Why is the Russian elite is not afraid of the coronavirus

COVID-2019 will show how reliable the notorious Russian authority and government. Viral pandemic, as seen on the news, spares neither the range nor the common people. Although, of course, people with money and connections more opportunities on time and in full to support treatment. But even the existence of a …

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America is ready to start a war against the Russian elite

The Pentagon is preparing for an attack on Russian high-ranking officials, heads of intelligence agencies, the army and the oligarchs So the US is going to respond to “Russian interference” in the next presidential election. The Americans will spread the sensitive personal data of Russian leaders, as well as misinformation …

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Decrepit elite of old Russia

The age of Putin’s associates affect their mindset. This is important, but experts believe that the main problem of tenure. Those who today run the country, most have long since crossed the 60-year age mark. They do not understand, and do not consider it necessary to delve into. How all …

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