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France will take steps to combat hackers during the elections

President Hollande is concerned about the situation of information security before the presidential election. French President Francois Hollande demands from law enforcement agencies strengthen security measures in the information space at the time of the election campaign in the country. According to DW, Hollande gave the order “to provide him …

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In Germany began presidential elections

In Germany Sunday to elect a new President. Sunday, February 12, Germany will elect a new Federal President. Of the five candidates with wide support, has only one representative of the social Democrats Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The new German President elected by the Federal Assembly, composed of 1260 people. One half …

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February 12, elections of the new President of Germany

The Federal Assembly, composed of 1260 people will choose the President. So, at the meeting of the Federal Assembly on Sunday will participate and representatives of parties that are not represented in the Bundestag. Parties represented in the state Parliament, often delegate to the Federal Assembly of like-minded people among …

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Russian satirist predicted Putin “kaput” in the elections

Mikhail Efremov was surprised by the bold statement. Russian actor and satirist Mikhail Efremov in his new humoresque ridiculed presidential elections in the Russian Federation. The verses describe the communication of Vladimir Putin with the candidates for the presidency of Russia and the people. The “observer” publishes an extract from …

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