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Found the dim dwarf galaxy

According to scientists, this galaxy may be about 12 billion years. Recently, the Japanese Subaru telescope located in Hawaii detected a faint spheroidal galaxy. Astronomers called it the M81. Astronomers under the leadership of Adam Smirkin from the University of Michigan explored the dwarf galaxy and found a new weak …

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On the edge of the Solar system dwarf planet discovered

Astronomers have discovered a distant asteroid. With a telescope in the Atacama desert, scientists found a large asteroid beyond the orbit of Pluto. According to preliminary data, DeeDee asteroid completes one revolution around the Sun over 1100 years. According to astronomers, the size of DeeDee approximately two-thirds the size of …

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Brown dwarf-giant opened in the constellation Pisces

From Earth it is located about 750 light years. About his new discovery was announced by the astronomers of the European southern Observatory. They managed to find in the constellation of Pisces the largest brown dwarf, which has the largest weight from all similar open space bodies. Brown dwarfs are …

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“Dwarf” States of Europe. Photo

Even the smallest country in the world can occupy a significant place in world politics and Economics. They are all small, but each of them beautiful in their own way. Presenting your attention the 10 most small European States. 1. Vatican city (0.44 sq km) In fact, the walled enclave …

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