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Natural gas is driving decarbonization in India

“Come and invest into India’s energy sector.” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words, pronounced at the inauguration of a new gas pipeline on February 17th, sent a clear message: the country’s energy landscape is undergoing fundamental transformations and will seek to attract foreign investors.  After the Covid-19 crisis ravaged the country …

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UN rapporteur says US and allies’ sanctions on Venezuela driving humanitarian ‘calamities’ & hampering its fight against Covid-19

A preliminary report from Alena Douhan – UN special rapporteur on “the impact of unilateral coercive measures” – published on Friday found that sanctions on a range of Venezuelan industries and institutions have resulted in “economic and humanitarian calamities” for the entire population, having an especially “devastating effect” for the …

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We’ve seen this playbook before: Western state-funded media is driving the narrative around Belarus protests & public is oblivious

Major social networks and content-sharing websites–Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube–have all recently introduced measures to label particular media outlets because of the connections these have to governments. Or perhaps we should say governments the US doesn’t like. The labeling system is not exactly applied equally. Facebook and Twitter refuse to acknowledge …

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In California we have self-driving Mercedes carcharhinidae

Giants Bosch and Mercedes launched a pilot project for car sharing Autonomous cars. The Germans hope that this will provide additional opportunities for the development of unmanned driving. Fully Autonomous vehicles S-Class, equipped with control systems and software by Bosch and Mercedes, already connects Western San Jose (CA, USA) and …

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The expert shared tips on driving in fog

These simple rules will help avoid accidents. The fog for the driver is one of the factors that increase the risk of accidents for drivers. We picked up some recommendations which are recommended when riding in poor visibility conditions: Enable fog lights with low beams. Due to this the drivers …

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