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Diversity and inclusion are bad for people’s health

American patients are in serious trouble. Yes, poor patient behavior in the United States continues to drive chronic disease and healthcare expenses, as the obesity epidemic is only growing more dire and smokers and drunks keep killing themselves slowly with their self-abusive habits. But that isn’t why. Yes, physician burnout …

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‘Priceless’: US students accused of ‘hypocrisy’ as they back diversity quotas… unless it comes to college football team (VIDEO)

A reporter from conservative news website Campus Reform performed interviews with students on game day as their team took on and eventually lost to Alabama last month, and were asked if they would support diversity quotas some institutions are spending millions of dollars on implementing when applied “in the workplace and the …

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The West criticizing the Taliban for a ‘lack of diversity’ is exactly why it failed miserably in Afghanistan

The US’ unceremonious retreat from Afghanistan after two decades and the lightning-fast reconquest of the Taliban will be regarded as an epoch-defining event. Aside from demonstrating the uselessness of the world’s greatest military and most credentialled commanders against God-fearing goat herders, it’s a complete repudiation of the idea that a …

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