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Google to ‘inoculate’ Eastern Europeans against disinformation

A new campaign by Google’s behavioral tech incubator Jigsaw aims to “pre-bunk” harmful claims about Ukrainian refugees, targeting audiences in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic with video clips designed to educate them about the types of psychological manipulation the spreaders of disinformation might deploy against them. Taking its cue …

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US puts ‘disinformation board’ on hold

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has “paused” its Disinformation Governance Board, the Washington Post claimed in a story published on Wednesday. The outlet blamed the decision on online “right-wing attacks” against its appointed head Nina Jankowicz, who has confirmed her resignation from the government. According to the Post, …

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Biden’s disinformation chief wants to edit people’s tweets

Nina Jankowicz, director of President Joe Biden’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board, has called for enabling blue-check Twitter users such as her to help police commentary on the social media platform by allowing them to edit tweets that they consider to be false or misleading. Jankowicz made her comments in …

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Is the West at war with disinformation or dissent?

When US President Joe Biden announced on April 27 that a new Disinformation Governance Board would serve the Department of Homeland Security, it was just the latest turn of the screw on freedom. This time, it’s an affront to citizens’ right to a diversity of information.  It’s one thing to …

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DHS defends disinformation unit

The newly-unveiled ‘Disinformation Governance Board’, operating within the Department of Homeland Security, has triggered a massive pushback, forcing DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas to make several appearances on national TV in an attempt to clarify how this unit will operate. Many critics, including top Republicans, blasted the initiative as a “Ministry of …

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Biden administration unveils ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

President Joe Biden’s administration is expanding the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) purview to include fighting speech that the government deems to be “disinformation.” Plans for the new initiative were revealed on Wednesday, when DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas said in a congressional hearing that his department has created a …

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Russia criminalizes ‘disinformation’ about army

Russian lawmakers have approved legislation that could see people put behind bars for up to 15 years if found guilty of peddling so-called false information about the actions of the army, amid Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine. On Friday, the lower chamber of Russia’s parliament voted to introduce the law …

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UK revives Cold War-era unit to fight ‘disinformation’

The UK government has revealed that it is setting up a unit tasked with combatting disinformation from Moscow for the first since the end of the Cold War.  The new Russia-Ukraine Government Information Cell (GIC) will expose and fight “false information,” Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told The Mail on Sunday. …

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