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How not to miss the signs of dangerous diseases

Warning signs of peptic ulcerPeptic ulcer disease – is a disorder that occurs in lesions of the gastric mucosa or the small intestine. The bacteria H. PYLORI are the cause of the pain. Despite the fact that foods do not cause peptic ulcers, but they can aggravate it. Peptic ulcers …

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Doctors warn about the peak of infectious diseases

We are talking about intestinal infections, salmonellosis, urinary infections and sore throat The peak incidence of infectious diseases summer time. In the heat of pathogenic microorganisms multiply rapidly on food that increases the risk of intestinal infections. Intestinal infection In the hot season it is necessary to carefully monitor the …

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The most useful and harmful products for diseases of the heart

It is important to make the right choice. Healthy eating is important for everyone, but especially those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, said Natalia Kostina-Cassanelli in the book “Clean vessels, joints, liver, blood. 1000 folk therapies”. In diseases of the heart useful the following products Grapes. It is believed that …

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This drink will help cure a variety of diseases

The best national recipes of treatment of beer.Refreshing taste of beer pleases adults no less than children – sweet soda. But fun, which brings the actual taste of this intoxicating drink, beer acts as a mild relaxing, and maybe just perfect to quench your thirst. However, beer can bring not …

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In these diseases it is useful to drink coffee

Coffee is one of the most delicious drinks, and so it is equally popular worldwide. Everyone on earth tried coffee at least once in a lifetime, and while some did not have any admiration for its taste or texture, the majority feels a great love for this black fragrant drink, …

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