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Among Europe’s dirtiest: ‘Green’ biomass power plant in Yorkshire burning ‘renewable’ wood emits MORE CO2 than UK’s coal – report

Renewable energy firm Drax describes its plant in North Yorkshire as a “purely renewable” facility, boasting that it has slashed its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 90% since 2012. The plant burns biomass – pellets of compressed wood – and received £832 million ($1.13 billion) in direct government subsidies last …

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In Kiev, found the dirtiest house

A photo published by the residents of this nine-storey building, shocked users of social networks. Vyshgorod, 10 is the worst house in Kiev. The locals complain about the mountains of garbage, rats, and the fact that the repairs are not done even once. Residents repeatedly appealed to the housing office, …

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Named cities on the planet with the dirtiest air. Photo

There is simply nothing else to breathe. Air pollution kills nearly 3.3 million people per year. Scientists say that by 2050 this number will double. The conclusions are based on the number content in the air of particulate matter, abbreviated PM 2.5. The figure here indicates the particle diameter in …

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Named districts with the dirtiest air

In Kiev, exceeded the level of air pollution. In some districts the level of air pollution in many times exceeds maximum permissible concentration. According to monitoring stations of the Central geophysical Observatory at 13:00 on 16 August, the level of pollution has reached:– dust – 1,3 MPC V. D. on …

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Scientists have named the dirtiest island in the world

Most of all the plastic utensils and bottles of shampoo. The uninhabited coral island of Henderson in the South Pacific ocean, recognized as the most polluted on Earth. This told the researchers in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The island, which is located far away in …

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