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Scientists say they found dinosaur ‘killed’ by asteroid

Paleontologists in the US may have discovered the remains of a Thescelosaurus killed at the moment of impact when an Everest-sized asteroid struck the earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. It was discovered at the Tanis site in southwestern North Dakota, which researchers believe holds a detailed record of …

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The best proof that the dinosaur died

Generally, of course, the article Medvedev enchanting. He kind of copied the Gorbachev era in 1989 and the party conference, whose anniversary was not so long ago. Discussion in the press, etc. And I just looked published for the anniversary materials, excerpts from articles and the like. So I thought …

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Less than human: a new species of dinosaur

Members of the species lived 92 million years ago.Researchers have described a new, previously unknown species of tyrannosaurids, which can help to better understand the origin of one of the largest predators in the history of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The remains of a new species of tyrannosaurids, called Suskityrannus hazelae was …

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In Argentina discovered the remains of a giant dinosaur

Scientists suggest that the animal lived on earth about 200 million years ago. In Argentina, in the North-Western part of the country, have discovered the remains of a huge dinosaur that presumably lived around 200 million years ago. Many paleontologists think this discovery will change existing theories about the evolution …

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