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Doctors told about the dangers of different types of Smoking

Better to just abandon this habit. About what threatens the body Smoking, can be read on any pack of cigarettes. Therefore, many smokers who do not wish to completely abandon bad habits, looking for alternative: electronic cigarette, vaping, hookah. But is it really safe these kinds of Smoking? Let us …

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Unusual sensory organs in different animals. Photo

Nature knows how to surprise. The only way of understanding the world is through our senses. Therefore, the senses are the basis for understanding what is happening around us. It is considered that we have five senses, but in reality there are at least nine, maybe more, depending on what …

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What to eat on Christmas in different countries. Photo

Everyone loves to eat. Christmas is coming – Christmas day 25 December and the Christmas of Eastern Christians on 7 January. In different countries there are traditions of celebration, and treats on Christmas Eve – Christmas eve. We offer you to look at a traditional Christmas table in various parts …

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Incredible powers of different animals. Photo

Nature has given them unusual abilities. One of the most amazing abilities of animals is the inventiveness with which they use natural “tools”. 1. The wrasse uses “anvil” We all know how annoying the search somewhere podvalsuhoy can opener when you need to open the jar. Even worse: a bottle …

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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi-7 will come with different screens

For the first quarter of 2018 appointed the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 7 – China’s new flagship, from the beloved brand, which in its capabilities in no will give the upcoming Samsung S9 and S9+. To create additional competition machines from Korea, Xiaomi has decided to release its Mi …

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