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Chinese ships detected near disputed islands

On Monday morning, two Chinese coast guard vessels entered Japan’s territorial waters near the uninhabited Senkaku Islands, an East China Sea archipelago which is the subject of longstanding dispute between Beijing and Tokyo, NHK news reports. The ships entered the waters about 20km off the island of Minami Kojima at …

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Ebola-like virus detected in Europe

Two people who have recently returned to the UK from Western Africa have been diagnosed with Lassa fever, an Ebola-like viral hemorrhagic disease, London confirmed on Wednesday. The cases were detected within the same family living in the east of England, the government said, adding that a third suspected case …

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Chinese military aircraft detected in Taiwan airspace

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the island’s combat air patrol were deployed, “radio warnings issued and air defense missile systems deployed to monitor the activity” of thirteen Chinese aircraft spotted in the southwestern part of the air defense identification zone (ADIZ).  Beijing’s planes have made frequent flybys over the island, …

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In Telegram detected dangerous vulnerability

The reader of the Belarusian Julia suddenly found a vulnerability in Telegram. She came to Canada and wanted to transfer my account to a local number while installing the application. But to the room that issued the operator was already tied an account Telegram: running the application and entering …

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On Jupiter detected a potential volcano

Juno was at a distance of about 470000 kilometers from the satellite. The device Juno, which studied Jupiter using the instrument Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper, found a new heat source near the South pole of the moon IO that could indicate a previously undiscovered volcano on a small moon of …

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