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‘Disgraceful and illegal’: Israel West Bank destruction blasted by Irish government as EU & UN call for halt to demolitions

Simon Coveney said he is “deeply dismayed” that Israeli authorities demolished buildings belonging to 11 Palestinian Bedouin families in Humsa Al Bqai’a in the northern Jordan Valley. Israeli bulldozers destroyed the village including houses, businesses, and sanitation facilities. The United Nations labeled the demolition the “largest displacement incident in over …

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Dolls of destruction

The current collapse has arisen in recent years of order can be represented in the form of nesting dolls. With a thud reveals first wooden figurine, and inside another ready to open. The epidemic has emerged from the crisis in the economy, and the dolls began to unfold. The first …

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Self-isolation or self-destruction?

The conversations on coronaviruses they forgot all about zeroing the terms of the President, constitutional modernization, optimization of employees and closure of production facilities about the dissatisfaction of the elections to the Moscow city Duma and other protests. In Moscow, with a strong distrust of authorities, people obediently sat down …

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A means of destruction. The main impact on the population of Russia has caused not a virus, but Putin is sending the country on a month’s vacation

What happens when the average man in the street will eventually realize that “pandemic coronavirus” was a fake and her “horrific” consequences correspond to the level of normal seasonal flu? Pro-Kremlin media begins to trumpet in time the measures taken which prevented the danger, otherwise all would be lost. And …

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Russia waiting for the mass destruction

Most entrepreneurs in the regions before barely making ends meet. Now, the authorities condemn them to a slow and painful death. The President of the Russian Federation in the last address to the nation declared the whole month, but has not proposed a single measure of support either for citizens …

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The split, destruction and discord

Let’s explain on fingers: we need to row one large boat to an inhabited island, but I’m rowing in the same direction, and you swing the paddle in the other. Of course, we will either backwaters or will remain adrift in the ocean. Almost the same thing is happening now, …

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