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From the depths of the ocean recorded a strange sound

Acoustic anomalies caused by the fluctuations of the ocean floor. Geophysics using data from seismographs recorded the acoustic anomalies caused by free oscillations of the ocean floor. About his discovery, the researchers reported in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The audibility of oscillations was 10 thousand times below the minimum …

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Deadly show from the dark depths of the Internet

Talk about the indie horror? About the film shot over 300 thousand dollars? With three actors, one of which in combination made the producer and the scriptwriter, and cameraman and co-Director. In fact, most of the time, because the premiere of “death spiral” (The Murder Show) was held on Halloween. …

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Riddles, hidden on the depths of the ocean. Photo

The ocean hides many interesting things. About the peculiarities of the water element of humanity knows very little, in percentage of the number examined only 3-5% of the ocean depths. Secrets in the ocean countless. It opens them gradually and reluctantly. But some still agreed to share. The illusion of …

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MARE TENEBRARUM: Kinometry the depths of the sea

<< < 1 2 3 4 … 6 > >> Writer, horror fan and marine biologist Peter Perminov – about the terrible monsters that inhabit the dark depths of the oceans… Mare tenebrarum (lat.) – dark sea. Me living in the heart of Russia, at the crossroads of Europe and …

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Ancient city hidden in the depths of the sea. Photo

Underwater ancient city. In the deep sea hides many mysteries, secrets and ancient cities, which has more than one thousand years. These places usually always shrouded in myths and legends attract the interest of a large number of archaeologists, antiquity lovers and divers. Underwater archaeological Park Baia, Pozzuoli, Italy. The …

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