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Release PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds delayed

Release is still scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. As says the main inspiration PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene), the game is not going to forever be stuck in “Early access”, as do other popular multiplayer activity from the same section of Steam. But the original plan still …

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At Domodedovo delayed flights almost all flights

About 96 percent of the flights departing from Moscow Domodedovo airport, delayed.The average delay time is 1 hour and 22 minutes. Among the arriving aircraft are late only 43 percent of the flights behind schedule and does not exceed 10 minutes. Information about cancelled flights there. In the Sheremetyevo the …

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On happiness: Chinese lady delayed the flight coin

Police have ruled out criminal motives of older women In China, the flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed because an elderly woman who decided to “happiness” to toss a few coins in a jet engine. Technicians had to open the motor, completely check it and clean it, and then …

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Phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be delayed until September

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which everyone was waiting for this summer, may be slightly delayed. The venue of his announcement, according to rumors, was selected as the IFA exhibition in 2017, held annually in September and is stationed in Berlin. The reasons for postponement of the announcement of the Samsung …

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In New Zealand field delayed 30-metre web. Video

Network flying over the crops. Field near new Zealand’s Bay of plenty was delayed 30-metre web. Network found and videotaped by local residents. People were surprised by the size of the weave and the number of spiders that infest the field. Australian scientist Cor Vink explained that spiders migrate because …

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The release of the new iPhone delayed

Apple will delay the release of the new iPhone. Apple may postpone the release of the iPhone 8 September 2017 to a later date. It is highly likely that, due to problems with the displays, the novelty will be released in October or November. The data is based on information …

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