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Why Sarah Palin’s defamation case against the New York Times is important

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Rittenhouse calls out Biden over ‘defamation’

In his first media interview following his acquittal last week, the 18-year-old told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that the US president possibly committed an act of libel, adding that he should have learned the facts of the case before weighing in. “Mr. President, if I could say one thing to you, …

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CNN defiant against Joe Rogan defamation accusations, only guilty of ‘bruising’ star’s ego, as WaPo slams network’s ‘advocacy’

CNN’s public relations department made the bold statement to the Washington Post’s media critic, Erik Wemple, on Thursday in order to bolster the network’s defense against Rogan. According to CNN, Rogan “sowed doubt in the proven and approved science of vaccines while promoting the use of an unproven treatment for …

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Whatever the outcome of Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation trial, it has proved Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan was a disaster

The sensational Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial resumed in Sydney this week, after a month- long delay caused by a serious Covid-19 outbreak that forced the city, together with large parts of Australia, into lockdown. During the break the last contingent of Australian troops was withdrawn from Afghanistan – thereby ending …

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James O’Keefe says he’s suing CNN for defamation & that new video will expose network’s ‘fraud’ related to Covid-19

O’Keefe made the provocative statements while speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, following Veritas’ release of an undercover video showing CNN technical director Charlie Chester explaining how the broadcaster allegedly used “propaganda” to help oust Donald Trump from the White House.  “CNN considers themselves the most trusted name …

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