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NATO’s expanding role hides the reality of a US empire in decline

The recently concluded virtual meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defense ministers has been billed as President Joe Biden’s first opportunity to act on his promise of repairing the damage done to the military alliance by the contentious policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump.  While a great deal of …

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Is the world’s wildlife in ‘catastrophic decline’? Er, no.

Every two years, since 1998, conservation group WWF has produced a Living Planet Report, an assessment of the state of the world’s wildlife. This year’s report has just been published and it has prompted the usual scary headlines, leaving many readers with the impression that animal life on planet Earth …

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Decline of US provides a chance to reshape international law, but this can’t happen while West always sees Russia as ‘the bad guy’

International law is largely a reflection of power. Great powers accept international law that limits their foreign policy flexibility if they get reciprocity and predictability in return. In an international system with several great powers balancing each other, international law will lean towards sovereignty and peace by constraints on the …

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The monetary base in Russia began to decline

In Russia, the monetary base in narrow definition has decreased from 19 to 26 June 2020 by 28.7 billion rubles to 12 trillion 752,9 billion rubles, follows from materials of Bank of Russia. Recall that a week earlier, the monetary base grew by 61.2 per billion roubles, before — 161,6 …

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