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Ukraine needs ‘customer support’ for US weapons – WaPo

Ukrainian fighters are struggling to use some of the weaponry provided by Washington to battle Russian forces, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, because the Pentagon has failed to provide training materials, spare parts and other logistical assistance, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The breakdown stems from an absence of “wartime …

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Apple and Meta duped into giving away customer data

Apple and Facebook’s parent company Meta were persuaded to give up customer data to hackers posing as law enforcement agents bearing phony “emergency data requests,” Bloomberg revealed on Wednesday, citing three sources familiar with the matter. The fraudulently obtained information allegedly included users’ phone numbers, IP addresses, and even physical …

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Push panic button, go to safe room & don’t argue: CDC sets guidelines for companies dealing with customer rage over Covid-19 rules

In its new guidelines, rolled out this week, the CDC has also advised business owners to beef up security, including by installing “panic buttons, cameras, alarms” in light of incidents that have seen customers take out their anger with the coronavirus-related restrictions on fellow customers or employees. “Workers may be …

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