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How Big Tech rules the technological society through culture

The early internet era was full of optimism about the future of the technological society. Techno-utopians naively hoped that a society running on the so-called ‘information superhighway’ would be armed with facts, and civic life would evolve past the tired dialectic of partisan politics. What they predicted, and what ended …

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Djokovic has become a pawn in a vaccination culture war

Serbian great Novak Djokovic’s treatment at the hands of Australian authorities has seen him cast in the role of a scapegoat for the anti-vax movement. In February 2021, when Djokovic eased past Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to claim his third successive Australian Open title, few could have predicted …

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Tara Reade: How Time’s Up became complicit in rape culture

In America, rape culture is institutionalized, with layers of protection for the powerful. Sexual assault and sexual harassment aren’t just about physical touching or forced sex without consent. They are also about the loss of status and career opportunities, and the isolation of and damage to the victim caused by …

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Law protecting religious people from ‘cancel culture’ in the works

The law, put forward by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a devout Christian, aims to protect Australians from existing anti-discrimination legislation when they are making “statements of belief.”  “Many people from various religious traditions are concerned about the lack of religious protection against the prevalence of ‘cancel culture’ in Australian life,” …

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