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Fatal accident near Kiev: a truck crushed a woman

Near Kiev the elderly woman did not have time to cross the roadOn the Odessa route, an elderly woman fell under the wheels of the truck. Installed, the woman ran across the road in the wrong place. It is noted that, there was an accident on the 60 kilometer Odessa …

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A deadly state of emergency in Kharkov: man crushed gateway

A fatal accident occurred during the loading of the car. 45-year-old man received fatal injuries in Novozabarska area. Information shared in the communication section of the regional police. The worker was engaged in loading a wagon with gravel. At this moment it is crushed by the gateway. The man received …

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Accidents region: VAZ crushed soft-boiled

In the accident the driver of VAZ got injured. Dorozhno-transport incident happened in the village Bahrynivtsi Litinsky district. There have faced “VAZ-2109” and “GAZ-52”. Information shared in the communication section of the police region. As militiamen found out, 46-the summer driver of VAZ went on the Central street of the …

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In Lviv the man crushed to death by a wooden deck

The accident occurred during the loading of wood. The message about the tragic accident came from a 47-year resident of Sokal district, the driver of the car “ZIL-130”. This was explained in the communication section of the regional police. As reported by the man in the woods took place loading …

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In Hmelnitsky area the tractor crushed the child

The boy was pinned under the frame of the vehicle. In the village of Trench 34-year-old man with a child riding on the tractor with a trailer. The vehicle overturned in the accident killed a child. About it reported in sector of communications of the National police in the Khmelnytsky …

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In the US, 150-pound woman crushed the child

The girl’s mother asked my aunt to teach my niece, because she didn’t listen 64-year-old Veronica Posey, aunt girl, weighing in at 150 pounds, decided to punish nine-year-old niece. At first she started to beat her with a ruler and then with a metal pipe. The girl was frightened and …

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