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UK leader calls Putin a ‘crocodile’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is like a crocodile chewing on Ukraine’s leg, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Thursday, while traveling to India. He said that he didn’t see how Kiev could possibly negotiate with Russia, and added that the West would keep sending artillery and other weapons …

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Crocodile tears? AOC breaks down crying after withdrawing ‘NO’ vote on funding Israeli missile defense at last minute

The House passed a $1 billion bill on Thursday to replenish Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system, depleted after a week of relentless rocket attacks from Palestinian militants this summer. The funding was originally included in a broader spending bill, but was voted on separately after progressives – including Ocasio-Cortez …

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In Australia, the crocodile is free to roam the city. Video

This is a must see. Here’s an unexpected “passer-by” frightened residents of the suburbs of Melbourne on Christmas night. Freshwater crocodile length in meter. Reptile was crawling up the sidewalk.Read also: Ukrainian driving a truck made a fatal accident in Germany. Video To catch a predator, the guards called the …

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In Melbourne at the Christmas party was a crocodile

To get the uninvited guest was not easy. Christmas will be long remembered by the inhabitants of one of suburbs of Australian Melbourne. They found on the streets of a small crocodile. Residents called the police, but police initially didn’t believe the call, saying that it was probably a lizard. …

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Angry hippos nearly tore the crocodile. Video

A herd of hippos attacked a small crocodile, accidentally swim into their territory. A fight between a herd of hippos and a crocodile recorded in the Serengeti national Park in Tanzania. Video of the clashes more than 30 hippos and crocodile took 71-year-old photographer Harish Kumar, who traveled through the …

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