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Eight good reasons to love cottage cheese for Breakfast

Nutritionists explained why in the morning you need to eat cheese. Cheese is one of the most beneficial foods that exist in nature. All because he is not only rich in calcium and beneficial lactic acid bacteria that improve the digestive system, but also vitamins, amino acids, iron and many …

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Unlimited Internet for a cottage in the suburbs

Unlimited Internet at the cottage Weekend vacation at the cottage — a wonderful opportunity to relax for children and adults. Breakfast on the background of natural landscapes, fishing or collecting mushrooms and berries in the nearby forest allows you to enjoy bliss and peace. To spoil such a vacation can …

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Spectacular cottage in a beautiful area of Canada. Photo

A quiet place for reflection. Rock House is a one bedroom cottage, designed by Cutler Anderson Architects Studio in a picturesque area in the province of Alberta, Canada, surrounded by the Rocky mountains. The house was nestled in a crevice between two large rocks covered with lichen. Covering an area …

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Nutritionists spoke about the new benefits of cottage cheese

For the benefit of cottage cheese is influenced by a number of factors, from the composition to hypersensitive. All the nuances that define the benefits and harms of cottage cheese, says Ekaterina Belova, nutritionist, therapist. Cottage cheese – a product known since time immemorial. It is made by heating natural …

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Unusual ways to entertain the kids at the cottage. Photo

Wonderful crafts that will brighten up children’s activities in the country. Today gadgets literally absorb children. Even the most skeptical people on this matter, recognize that this is not always normal and would be better if children spent more time and attention to the “active” classes. To help in this …

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