Sunday , November 29 2020
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These vegetables are best eaten cooked

Nutritionists have called vegetables that are healthier cookedMany people think that healthier fresh vegetables nothing. In fact, it is not. For example, tomatoes, according to nutritionists, there are more useful after they are thoroughly warmed. These vegetables after heat treatment increases the content of lycopene – an antioxidant substances, neutralizing …

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Belgian cooked at the grill 2-year-old daughter (PHOTO)

Shocking incident in Belgium – here arrested 27-year-old woman accused of killing her own two-year-old daughter. Moreover, the remains of a child were found roasted in the grill! The tragedy occurred in the city of Zemst, North of Brussels, Sunday evening, when neighbors called police after hearing screams and seeing …

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Doctors told about the dangers of cooked rice

Cooking rice does not kill all bacteria. Doctors urged not to eat the cooked rice, if after preparation it was stored in room temperature. It turned out that this dramatically increases the probability of poisoning. That welded and are not kept in the fridge, rice can be hazardous to human …

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