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Kiev distances itself from envoy over controversial remarks

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has distanced itself from claims made by Kiev’s ambassador to Berlin, which have sparked outrage in Poland and Israel. Earlier the diplomat, Andrey Melnik, denied that Stepan Bandera – a controversial Ukrainian national hero who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII – was implicated in the mass …

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Meta to install controversial sea-floor cable

Deep-sea cable installers are about to begin laying a transatlantic cable line for Meta, the social media behemoth formerly known as Facebook, through Nova Scotian fishing grounds as soon as this week, according to Canadian media. Local fishing and conservation groups said on Monday the project was pushed through without …

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Why was the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony controversial?

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WATCH man climb BBC to attack statue by controversial artist

A sculpture by British artist Eric Gill perched on the facade of the BBC’s Broadcasting House has been attacked by a hammer-wielding man. Beyond his art, Gill became posthumously infamous for sexually abusing his children and dog. A man climbed a ladder to access the statue, depicting the Shakespearean characters …

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Elon Musk sparks debate with controversial Covid meme

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk received mixed reaction after he shared a meme appearing to criticize both sides of the Covid-19 vaccine debate – vaccinated and unvaccinated – for taking things too seriously. The meme showed an unvaccinated man alongside a vaccinated man with dozens of needles jabbed into …

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FBI raids NYPD sergeants’ union office and home of controversial leader Ed Mullins regarding ‘ongoing investigation’

Authorities descended on the lower Manhattan offices of the country’s fifth-largest police union, whose membership consists of about 13,000 active and retired police sergeants, on Tuesday morning, FBI spokesman Martin Feely confirmed. Eight agents were seen leaving the Worth Street building, two carrying open boxes whose contents included documents, a …

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