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Russia considers downgrading diplomatic relations with the West

Moscow could be forced to downgrade diplomatic ties with Western countries, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned, citing hostile policies of the US and its allies. “We have not initiated such a step yet, despite all of the things related to the most tumultuous phase in our relations …

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Kiev considers renaming Russia

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has instructed his government to consider renaming Russia as ‘Moscovia’, an unofficial designation used centuries ago. The move comes after a petition insisted that by using the word ‘Russia’, Ukraine is endorsing a “dangerous claim” that its neighbor is a direct descendant of Kievan Rus. In …

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West considers arming Ukraine with more potent weapons – FT

The US and its allies are in talks over whether to send Ukraine more advanced weapons in the future, including fighter aircraft, a US defense official has said, according to the Financial Times. Some of Kiev’s Western allies were emboldened by last week’s successful offensive against Russia in Kharkov Region, …

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Boris Johnson considers leaving politics – media

After being forced from office by a party revolt, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may now leave the political stage altogether, the Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday, citing sources. According to the outlet, Johnson is now thinking about whether to remain in the House of Commons, like his predecessor Theresa …

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US considers offer to Belarus – media

The US is considering granting Belarus a six-month waiver from sanctions imposed on its potash industry last year, in exchange for opening up the railroads to start shipping grain from Ukraine to Lithuania, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing unnamed US officials. The sanctions were slapped on Minsk over opposition protests …

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‘Largest’ US museum considers returning looted artworks

The Smithsonian Museum has officially admitted many of its celebrated collections were obtained unethically – essentially looted – in a statement published on Tuesday. Observing that “many artifacts and works of art have been in the Smithsonian’s holdings for decades or, in some cases, more than 150 years,” the museum …

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West considers three options for Russian oil – media

Officials from the US and EU are reportedly discussing measures Brussels can take to effectively curb oil imports from Russia and slash the revenues Moscow receives. The options include a ban, a price cap, and a payment mechanism that would allow revenue generated from crude oil to be withheld from …

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World Bank considers massive loan to Ukraine

The World Bank’s President David Malpass said on Tuesday the lender is preparing a $1.5 billion support package for war-torn Ukraine. The loan will include a $1-billion payment from the development lender’s fund for the poorest countries. According to Malpass, who was speaking in Warsaw, the package was enabled by …

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