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European Commission backs harsher visa rules for Russians

The European Commission has backed a proposal put out by EU foreign ministers to suspend an agreement with Moscow that allows Russian citizens to apply for EU visas under simplified procedures. In a statement put out on Tuesday, the commission said it hopes the EU Council will approve the move …

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EU Commission officially backs Ukraine as candidate

The European Commission believes Ukraine should be granted the status of candidate for European Union membership, the chief of the EU’s executive body, Ursula von der Leyen announced on Friday. The country would still need to implement some changes to match the EU’s requirements, but it already boasts a “very …

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European Commission head says EU wants Ukraine ‘in’

The president of the European Commission has claimed that the EU wants to see Ukraine joining its ranks as a military conflict between Kiev and Moscow rages on. The official was short on specifics and did not provide a timeline for the potential accession, however. “We have a process with …

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European Commission’s humour Stasi decided ‘right wing memes’ are ‘not funny anymore’… so, what are they going to do about them?

“Humour activates repressed emotions, releases inhibitions, and enables an immediate and spontaneous exchange of feelings,” read a report by the European Commission released in February but widely shared online in recent days. Humor, the report continues, can influence “changes in perspective,” and increase camaraderie within one’s own group. That’s what …

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