Saturday , January 16 2021
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Decline of US provides a chance to reshape international law, but this can’t happen while West always sees Russia as ‘the bad guy’

International law is largely a reflection of power. Great powers accept international law that limits their foreign policy flexibility if they get reciprocity and predictability in return. In an international system with several great powers balancing each other, international law will lean towards sovereignty and peace by constraints on the …

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A chance to win

In all previous “elections” we could not prevent the victory of the authorities could only keep the self-esteem and sometimes cause them little anxiety and trouble. Their objective was with the use of administrative resource and direct fraud to a certain number of votes. And they successfully coped. Now they …

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Putin has a chance to say “no”to him

To vote on amendments to the Constitution of the citizens for the first time will have the opportunity to Express our strong disagreement with government policy. In the case of voting on amendments to the Constitution finally emerged some clarity. Date of this action have yet to be finalized, but …

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