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West can’t sit out crises it caused – Putin

The West and its allies are playing a “dirty game,” the prize in which is global dominance, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. However, the US and its allies are not safe from the consequences of their own actions, he added.  “Power over the world is what the West has …

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Study points to deaths caused by Covid-19 lockdowns

The US recorded nearly 170,000 excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic, which were not caused by the virus itself – as obesity, substance abuse and other killers spiked amid government-imposed lockdowns, a new study has shown.  The figures have been revealed in a report released this month by the National Bureau …

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Bill Gates: ‘I caused pain’

One year on from announcing his divorce, billionaire Bill Gates has responded to accusations that he was unfaithful to his then-wife, acknowledging that he’s to blame for “causing a lot of pain to my family.” “I certainly made mistakes, and I take responsibility,” Gates said on Tuesday in an NBC …

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Most Covid jab ‘side effects’ are not caused by vaccines – study

Vast majority of Covid vaccine ‘side effects’ are caused by people’s expectations rather than by the vaccine, Harvard Medical School researchers say, after analyzing the reports of more than 45,000 trial participants. Various “systemic” side effects, such as headaches, tiredness, and joint pain were reported in both halves of the …

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