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How to catch bonus game on the slot at online casinos

All slot machines pay out, especially in casino PointLoto. Moreover, all online casino slots almost the same percentage of return, with minimal variation. However, the order of deposition of the winnings are different everywhere. Many fans of slot machines directly identify large winnings trigger the bonus games with slots, and …

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The resourceful British helped the police catch the robber

The girl tripped the guy up. In the British Hartford passerby helped to catch the culprit, stopping his bandwagon. The incident occurred a few days before Christmas. 28-year-old Kelly Boll was returning home when he saw police chase the young man. Without thinking, she put the boy tripped, he stumbled …

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Militants “DNR” catch the next fake

Published a revealing video. Terrorists boasted of online video, which allegedly was taken on the destroyed positions of the APU. However, blogger Necro Mancer found out that the footage is fake. In the group of “Vkontakte” called “reports from the militia of new Russia” was presented “videos from Donetsk war …

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Russian TV channel to catch the next funny fake

Model stock photo was the “military expert”. The network has made fun of Russian propaganda channel REN TV, which broadcast model stock photos, known as Harold, presented as a “senior Western military experts of NATO.” Relevant information appeared on Twitter “Lentic”. “In the next edition of the program “Military secret” …

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