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Former Catalan leader prepares for elections

Former Catalan leader has criticized the lack of unity among parties.The former head of the Catalan government, Carles Putteman on Saturday, November 25, gave a start to the campaign. He stated this in a hotel on the outskirts of the Flemish city of Bruges in Northwest Belgium. According to him, …

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In Spain arrested two leaders of the Catalan separatists

The court of Spain have arrested the heads of the National Assembly of Catalonia and the organization of General culture. In Spain, the court arrested without the right of bail to the leaders of public organizations advocating for the independence of Catalonia, the National Assembly of Catalonia and the organization …

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Madrid rejected the offer of Catalan negotiations

The Spanish government rejected the possibility of dialogue with Catalonia. The Spanish government rejected the proposal of the head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon to negotiate on secession of the region with the participation of intermediaries. The government noted that negotiations will be possible only when Catalonia will give up the …

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In Poland fear a repetition of the Catalan scenario

In Poland cautiously reacted to the referendum in Catalonia. The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Blashak believes that Spain recognized the illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia is a warning to Warsaw because of the possible repetition of the scenario. “This is a warning for Poland, where …

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Media: In Catalan, the crisis involved the Kremlin

Assange, Snowden and Pro-Kremlin media platform launched in social networks a powerful propangda, write the Spanish edition. The propaganda machine of the Kremlin took an active part in the warming up of the conflict around the referendum on independence of Catalonia. Controlled by Russian government media and speakers focused on …

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