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Russian MOD estimates Ukraine’s counteroffensive casualties

Ukraine has suffered heavy losses during three months of its summer counteroffensive against Russia but has failed to achieve its goals at any part of the front line, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has reported. Kiev’s forces have lost more than 66,000 troops and over 7,600 heavy weapons since launching …

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Moscow issues update on Ukrainian casualties during counteroffensive

Ukraine sustained losses of more than 43,000 troops during June and July, as it continued its attempted counteroffensive against Russian positions, the Russian Defense Ministry has estimated. The casualty rate was mirrored by the destruction of a large number of Ukrainian weapons, according to the summary, which was released on …

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Wagner comments on Ukrainian casualties in Soledar

Ukrainian soldiers surrounded in Soledar have either surrendered or been killed, Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Wednesday. Fighters with the private military company completely surrounded the Donbass town the day before and are now clearing the extensive tunnel network in the town’s salt mines. “I want to repeat that …

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Syria claims casualties in ‘Israeli strike’

Syrian air defenses were activated shortly after midnight on Friday in response to an act of “Israeli aggression” in the vicinity of the capital Damascus, according to a military source cited by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). “At exactly 12:32am today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression …

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Mass shooting in Norway leaves multiple casualties

A suspect is in police custody in Oslo, after a gun rampage in which at least two people were killed and more than a dozen injured.  The shooting spree began at around 1:00am local time on Saturday near several bars and nightclubs in the Norwegian capital, with the gunman reportedly …

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Russia claims hundreds of casualties during strike in Ukraine

Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday. The troops belonged to the Ukrainian Army’s 59th Mechanized Brigade, the report said, who it’s believed were taking …

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Casualties reported amid attack on Sikh temple in Kabul

Unidentified assailants stormed a Sikh temple in Kabul on Saturday morning. Witnesses told the media they heard loud blasts and the sound of gunfire in the area. Videos posted on social media show plumes of thick smoke rising over the area where the temple is reportedly located. According to media …

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Ukraine reveals daily military casualties

Kiev has revealed the extent of its daily casualties in the conflict with Russia. As many as 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers are being killed or wounded each day in Donbass, a senior official said on Wednesday, as cited by Axios. David Arakhamia, who leads Kiev’s negotiations with Moscow and heads the …

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