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Five products that cannot have a cold

These products have a negative impact on the human body and slow down his recovery. Often the period of treatment of SARS delayed for several weeks. The reasons for this can be several improper diet or incorrect medications prescribed by the doctor, failure to comply with the recommendations of the …

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Called products that cannot be stored frozen

It is harmful to health. There are a number of foods that it is theoretically possible to freeze – but to use them then not. Specialists told that it cannot be stored in the freezer. One of the products, which are contraindicated freezing are chicken eggs. According to experts, too …

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The early symptoms of pneumonia that cannot be ignored

About these symptoms of pneumonia everyone should know. Pneumonia may have a viral and bacterial nature, but and in that and in other case the causative agents are pathogens. Inflamed lungs may every person, but more other this disease affects people with weakened immune systems, smokers, history of alcohol abuse, …

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Explained to doctors who cannot eat fat

Expert opinions were divided. This product has many nutritional properties, but not all of it can be used. Fat contains valuable oleic fatty acid (40%), which has anti-inflammatory and prevents premature aging. The content of oleic fatty acid fat almost caught up with olive oil.What is the value of fat …

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The first symptoms of meningitis that cannot be ignored

The doctors called the characteristic signs of meningitis, which should force the patient to immediately seek medical help. Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes of the brain, caused by viruses, pathogenic microorganisms or fungi. More other meningitis affects people with weakened immune systems, most often children and the elderly, …

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