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China makes weapons ‘breakthrough’

Chinese military scientists have reported a research breakthrough that could make it possible for Beijing to develop high-energy laser weapons that can shoot for as long as their operators desire, without interruption and without any degradation in performance. Scientists at the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, China, published …

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US warns of Chinese nuclear breakthrough

China is on the verge of making a breakthrough in its nuclear arms capabilities that would amount to a major shift in global security balance, Admiral Charles Richard, the head of the US Strategic Command, has written in testimony prepared for a hearing on Capitol Hill, Bloomberg reported on Monday. The …

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Fyodor Lukyanov: Russia has made a breakthrough with NATO

The rapid descent of Russia’s relations with the West seems to have only just started, but has already shown something of a silver lining. The standoff over NATO expansion could arguably be a blessing in disguise, as it very swiftly removed the layer of hypocrisy with which these relations have …

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Patient gets animal heart in ‘breakthrough’ surgery

An American hospital patient in the state of Maryland is reportedly in stable condition just days after he received an experimental pig heart transplant as a last resort. David Bennett, 57, consented to the experimental transplant after realizing it was his final shot at surviving terminal heart disease due to …

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Ukraine “on the brink of economic breakthrough”

The current ruling team there’s a cute habit, whose roots date back to its artistic past. Senior officials and politicians make statements not to describe or analyze reality, because once learned how to put words into striking phrases For some reason they still think that political art is a little …

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