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Extremely dangerous ropeway in Bolivia. Photo

La Paz is an amazing city. The city of La Paz in Bolivia has long struggled with the problems of transport. Steep terrain, high density development has transformed the movement’s narrow streets a nightmare for drivers and passengers of minibuses and private taxis. To solve the problem, in the last …

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Bright moments of life in Bolivia. Photo

This diverse country hides a lot of amazing thingsMost tourists come to Bolivia to see the largest salt flat in the world, hidden deep in the Andean Altiplano, which is a truly unique place. But Bolivia is not only Salar de Uyuni. This diverse country hides many gems that can …

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Three accidents in Bolivia killed 25 people

Another 23 people were injured. Three accidents claimed the lives of 25 people from in Bolivia. 17 people died as a result of falling of a bus into a ravine in the municipality of Chuma. Minibus fell from a height of 500 meters, everyone in the salon people were killed. …

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In Bolivia, Coca farmers opposed the government

Performances associated with the new law, which, it is feared the owners of the plantations to increase competition. In Bolivia, violent clashes between police and Coca producers from the region of Los Yungas. The epicenter of the riots was the area around the Parliament building. Protesters pelted a police cordon …

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