Thursday , November 26 2020
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MEG: scientific blunders

When Peter Perminov – the person who understands the monsters of the deep like no other, because it is not only a fan of horror, but also a marine biologist. Went yesterday with my wife on a”Monster of the deep”. Liked. In the middle of the film, however, a bit …

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The selection of the most notable blunders Ukrainian TV

And our leading wrong. The team of journalists gathered and showed the audience a compilation of all the funny mistakes and bloopers that happened on national television. Include highlights from live broadcasts and different records. We are all people, believe in Facebook. Excellent mood! Confuse Ukrayinsky TB Z nagodi Day …

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These culinary blunders will amuse any

Cooking – obviously not their calling. Cooking – it is incredibly thin. However, that never stopped the real masters of their craft. Presenting your attention the funny jokes about the culinary delights that did not meet your expectations. Especially if you compare with the original, the similarities are almost there.

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