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Palestine is a ‘bleeding wound of humanity’: Turkey’s Erdogan FUMES over Israel & ‘collaborators’ at UN General Assembly

Speaking before the UN’s General Assembly on Tuesday, Erdogan called Israel’s “occupation” of Palestine a “bleeding wound of humanity.” He specifically condemned Israeli government for “policies of oppression, violence and intimidation” against Palestinians. The president also derided the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by some members of the international …

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How to get rid of bleeding gums in the home

These methods are tested by many people. The problem of bleeding gums can affect anyone, therefore it is necessary beforehand to know the solutions. In folk medicine, there are many methods that help to get rid of bad breath, bleeding gums, soreness of teeth and other phenomena, bringing the person …

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May be useful: how to stop bleeding from the nose

Emergency aid for nosebleed. Why bleeding from the nose in adults and in children? The reasons may be different. So, in children nosebleeds are usually associated with structural features of nose, and adults with injuries or diseases, including high blood pressure and increased fragility of the blood vessels. Why bleed …

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Dentists explained what to do with bleeding gums

Important rules for brushing teeth. To ensure that the gums were healthy and didn’t bleed, dentists are advised to pay attention only to one aspect – the proper care of the mouth. Don’t need any additional medications or vitamins, it is important only correctly and in time to brush your …

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