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Biden blamed for US baby formula shortage

Baby formula is getting scarce in the US, with major retailers limiting customers to three items per transaction. As prices rise and shelves empty, Republican lawmakers have called the shortages a “national crisis” and accused President Joe Biden’s government of economic mismanagement. “The formula shortage is a national crisis, hitting poor moms and …

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Chris Christie family bar mitzvah blamed for Covid-19 ‘outbreak’ that caused return to virtual learning for NJ school – reports

Mendham Township schools Superintendent Salvatore Constantino claimed to the New York Post that multiple positive cases of the virus were found among students and adults following the recent bar mitzvah of Christie’s nephew, the son of Christie’s brother Todd and his wife, Andrea.  “There were, unfortunately, a few adult cases …

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Post-Trump ‘RATINGS DIP’ blamed for advent of ‘irresponsible’ Covid-19 news coverage that the White House wants to shut down

As the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on mask-wearing and reports of numerous “breakthrough” cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant made headlines in American media, one unnamed Biden administration official called the media’s coverage “hyperbolic and, frankly, irresponsible in a way that hardens vaccine hesitancy.” Speaking …

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Chaotic reign of Boris Johnson blamed for ‘tens of thousands’ of unnecessary Covid deaths by an all guns blazing Dominic Cummings

If Dominic Cummings has achieved anything in British politics, then it is using his appearance before a usually dull-as-ditchwater Parliamentary select committee to make it nearly eight hours of must-watch television as he lobbed grenade after grenade into the Downing Street bunker of his former boss, PM Boris Johnson.  Admitting …

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